Thermal water of the Therme Naturns

From the source directly into our thermal whirlpool

of the outdoor adventure pool



Naturns, the thermal source for your well-being and health factor

Immerse yourself gently in well-tempered, effectively mineralized thermal water and transform the day's activities into pure relief. Water, the source of life and an oasis for wellbeing and pleasure.

Naturns is powerful and rich in contrasts, alpine, mediterranean and beneficial. There are many good reasons to spend your time off in Naturns! Exclusive thermal water ensures a very special, effective and efficient well-being.

Water - the most important staple food and the oldest natural remedy - with no side effects.

Water is essential for health and is of great importance for our wellbeing, both preventively and therapeutically. Thermal water is THE "recreational agent" on holiday. After an active day in the beautiful nature of the Vinschgau, water is relaxing and calming, serves to reduce stress and provides fresh energy.


The effect from the thermal water

  • The thermal water of Naturno is classified as SULPHATE CALCIUM.
  • Relief of rheumatic, orthopaedic or traumatological complaints of the musculoskeletal system
  • It is a therapeutic water for balneotherapy in osteoarticular pathology.
  • A bath in the thermal water of Naturno has a relaxing, calming and soothing effect on the muscles.
  • Its composition guarantees a feeling of neuromuscular relaxation and an immediate general wellbeing.
  • After an intense physical activity or after muscle fatigue, a bath in the thermal water of Naturno guarantees faster recovery.
  • Due to the effect of the salts contained, the skin after a dive appears more relaxed, clearer and smoother.
  • In the case of slight skin irritations, bathing in the thermal water of Naturno brings immediate relief.

Doctor Scaramuzzino

No restriction for children
Recommended bath time until 20 – 30 minutes


Naturns thermal resort

Historically, Naturns can look back on a long tradition of healing water. It was already the Romans who, on their way along their important trade route, the Via Claudia Augusta, appreciated the energy of warm springs and healing places. Much later, from the 16th century, the first aspects of our current wellness concept started here with a bathing house in Stadel.

Bad Kochenmoos becomes a well-known, prosperous inn with a healing spring. The Kochlmoos health spring splashes warmly at the foot of Juval Castle from the Sonnenberg at the entrance to the Schnals Valley.

Until the 1960s, people enjoyed therapeutic baths and water cures in bathing cabins with wooden bathtubs. Whether rheumatism, arthritis or circulatory disorders, the warm mineral water provided relief and well-being. With the advent of modern medicine, natural remedies lost their importance.

The bathing operation was stopped, the historic bathhouse disappeared and the healthy water literally flowed down the river Etsch/Adige for decades. Only a small oasis of calm with grapevines, fruit trees, a pond and cosy benches still bear witness to the spring catchment, which was renovated in year 2012.